F1 Savannah Livie

F1 Savannah Livie 




Her belly is showing




She has always been smart and loving


 F1 Afrikhan Livie

Livie had Savannah kittens in February.  You may view her current kittens on the Kitten Page.  Livie has not had a litter since January of 2019 so we are very excited to have kittens again. We do not breed our girls often because we like for them to have a family life with us. Nevertheless, the wait and anticipation are never easy.

This first picture here is F2 Oscar on the day he was born.  Livie’s kittens are usually large because she is a very large mom.  In addition, I have to add she is a great mom and she kisses and head butts her kittens a lot.  The baby’s dad is an F5 Savannah male.  Consequently, that makes the expectant kittens F2’s.

As you can see for yourself in the first picture, the F2 babies are large and chunky from day 1 and Livie provides plenty of mom’s milk for them to grow.  We weigh daily to make sure they grow and gain weight because that is the basis for large and healthy adults.

Livie is a very large F1 girl and it’s hard to say but judging by past litters, she will probably have two to three kittens.

Here in the second picture in this section is Livie’s son Oscar.  Oscar is an F2 from Livie’s very first litter.  He is full-grown and weighs 28 pounds as of, January 7, 2019.

F2 Kittens

Once the kittens are born, I will begin to put up pictures and sexes here on this page. Pricing will depend upon male or female and how well the individual kittens meet the standard.  The third picture is also Oscar.

Finally, is a picture of Diesel.  Diesel is Livie’s son from her litter last year in January.  He now lives the life of a pampered Savannah in the California sunshine.

If you would like to inquire about a kitten from this current litter or an upcoming one, please start by filling out this application and see some reviews from owners of our kittens.

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