Our Savannah Kittens

F3 Afrikhan Verekii

Verekii is a great example of a Savannah kitten with good ear placement and size. Her nose is wide from top to bottom and not pointy or V shaped. The color is the ever-coveted black.

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Our Kittens

Our Savannah kittens are always raised in our home and have lots of socialization skills.  The Savannah kittens have the opportunity to spend time every day on our huge and enclosed front porch.
They get lots of fresh air and sunshine.  We live on a small farm in the rolling hills of West Tennessee.

Our Savannah Cats and Kittens

Our Savannah cats and Savannah kittens are fed an all-natural diet of unadulterated, organically-fed, fresh-ground chicken and a high-quality, grain-free dry kibble called Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline. Their coats have a wonderful texture and vibrant color.

Our Savannah kittens are snappy, intelligent, and curious about almost everything that moves. They are always interested in what we are doing. Our Savannah kittens readily learn to walk on a leash with the proper walking-jacket for a squirmy Savannah cat. Be very aware, they will want to accompany you on any adventure in which you will include them.

A Savannah kitten from us will be your best friend and wait for you at the door when you get home from work.  Will sleep on you and keep you warm in the winter and summer alike. With patience, they will learn how to play fetch, hide and seek and let’s look in the cabinets.

Savannah kittens possess the ability to learn about an 8 to 10 single word vocabulary.  Although they do learn the meaning of no, don’t expect them to listen if your back is turned and even while you watch at times. They are cats after all.

All Parents Genetically Tested

We have the parents to our Savannah kittens here on the premises and they eat the same diet. In addition, the Savannah parents are all tested through UC Davis for diseases we don’t want Savannah cats and kittens to have.

We have a very small cattery with just a few Savannah cats so we are able to spend time with each cat and every Savannah kitten, every day. You might say they are spoiled if you ever saw feeding times.

One of the Founders

Since 1995 our cattery has been instrumental in the development of the Savannah breed. We do no just crank out hundreds of of Savannah kittens. Proudly, we are the home of the first Savannah that has a female Serval as the mom. We love our Savannah cats and Savannah kittens.  We know you would love one of our Savannah babies as well.


Have you been spotted yet?

All of our kittens have found homes.

Afrikhan Mika, Afrikhan JuJu and Afrikhan Kismet (JuJu and Kismet are pictured here on the right as kittens) will be having kittens after the first of 2023. Expecting F2 and F3 babies.  Please check back then. If you would like to reserve one of the kittens, please fill out this Application.

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F2 female Leia
F2 female Leia

How to Get Your New Kitten From Us


Free Local Deliveries

We will delivery your Savannah kitten to your doorstep if you live within approximately 250-300 Miles of Jackson, Tn.



Longer Distance Deliveries

If you live in a range of 500-600 miles of Jackson, TN, I am happy to pick a halfway meeting place and still delivery your Savannah kitten to that location.



Pickup and Air Cargo

All further destinations have the option to fly into Nashville or Memphis and pickup their Savannah kitten.  I will deliver to the airport so you may carry your new kitten in the cabin with you. As of 2020, we have chosen not to ship any of our kittens.  There are too many airline glitches to trust putting one of my babies in the hands of a stranger.  


Savannah Kitten Feeding and Care 


EarthBorn Holistic, Primitive Feline, Grain Free food for Savannah kittens and Savannah adults is the only dry food we use and recommend.  We also use the EarthBorn canned foods and our proprietary raw food mix to start our kittens.

The absolute best food ensures healthy Savannah kittens with the best beginnings. This grows up big Savannah kittens and eventually big, strong Savannah cat adults.  Reasons for the very best food:

  • The best protein fuels growth spurts.
  • Energy for adventures and play.
  • Nutrients and vitamins for continued health.
  • A balanced amount of taurine for heart health.
  • Omega-3 and fatty acids nourish skin and fur. 
  • Natural fibers to support gastrointestinal health.
  • Less added ingredients such as grains mean smaller stools that stink less.

Indoor Playtime and Enrichment

Indoor Playtime is very important for your new Savannah kitten.  Interaction helps Savannah kittens to learn manners and what is expected of him or her in your home.  Playtime is a time he or she can begin to look forward to and love.

Not only is it important for you and your family to get involved in one on one playtime with your Savannah kitten, but your kitten should have activities to keep him busy if there is no one there to play all the time.  Some suggested activities are listed below:

  • Feather toy on a long wand.
  • Walks outside with the proper walking jacket and leash.
  • Catio, porch or even an open window for fresh air.
  • Catnip or silvervine toys.
  • Cat wheel.  There is a variety on the market. Kittens readily learn to run.  We recommend One Fast Cat pictured above.
  • Boot shoelaces tied to a door knob are always a big hit.


Kitty litter is an absolute necessity for your clean home and peace of mind.  All my Savannah kittens start on their litter train at three weeks old.  They use pine pellets and will start to pee in the box right away because I put a litter attractant in there.  It is a simple way to make sure the Savannah kittens get a good start.

I never recommend clumping litter and I hope I never have to see one of my Savannah kittens use clumping litter for the convenience of their owner.  Reasons to only use pine pellets from Tractor Supply:

  • Kittens will eat clumping litter and make concrete balls in the stomach and line the walls of intestines.
  • Clumping litter can cause gastrointestinal upset.
  • Clumping litter can stop nutrients from getting in the kittens body.
  • Intestinal blockages are common and removing them are expensive and dangerous.

Accolades from Afrikhan Kitten Owners


“We made it home safe and sound!  He was such a good boy on the plane, slept most of the time.  And he is such a snuggler, He snuggled with me all last night and was a purring machine!  We love him!”


“She is beautiful.  And sweet.  I love her…:-)  Holy ears though!  Love her!  She has accepted everyone who has walked in the room without any problem.  My 8 year old insisted she had to sleep with the new kitty.”


“Taza is such an amazing cat and we get compliments on him all the time.  Korra (daughter) and Taza are best friends and loves him so much.”


“Hope all is well.  Mufasa had his first vet visit Monday and is A-OK.  We got the kitten package to include his neutering at 7 months.  The first week, he really missed you, but his curios nature got the best of him.  There is no stopping him now!  He gained about a pound a week so far.”

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